Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Gigantic Listings anything you need to know.

How To Sell A Product?

By keeping some basic selling practices in mind, the steps below would create a great buyer experience and make your buyers happy.

Specify the location of the listings as this is important to buyers to know where the items are coming from and how long they will take to arrive to them. A full description of the listing is also needed on the item.

Be concise and thorough regarding transaction terms which includes information on payment methods acceptable, other applicable fees, shipping and handling, and your return fees (how the refund is issued). Be as explicit as possible to promote trust with buyers. We also encourage you to accept returns (who pays for the return postage) - as this would help attract more buyers.

Lastly, creating a transparent and clear buyer expectations and then meeting or exceeding them is a great way to foster a lasting and trustworthy relationship with buyers and the bottom-line is  buyers are happy and ensure a smooth transaction.

When you deliver and meet expectation of buyers we vouch to protect you from abusive and unbecoming buying  behavior. As well as protect you from things beyond your control by removing negative, and neutral feedback and defects.

Refund & Return Items

If the buyer has issues with the product or service and they seek refunds, they should read our refund & return policy.

We strive to keep our marketplace platform a safe place for all our members. To help validate the identity of our buyers and sellers, we require our users to adhere to certain regulation:

  • Buyers and Sellers can have multiple accounts as long as they are for valid reasons and meet sellers regulations and terms of use.
  • All users must be of 18+ years to use our ads site.
  • Our members are required to represent accurately their identity when using our site.
  • User are prohibited to pretend as Gigantic Listings employees.

If you're confused and not sure whether your item can be listed on Gigantic Listings, check our list of prohibited and restricted items.

If you see a listing that violates one of our policies, report it from the Report item link in the listing.

We appreciate your input, but we can't respond to suggestions that are sent to Gigantic Listings. We might have been working on a similar idea internally already, and want to avoid any potential misunderstandings around ownership of the idea. If you do send us an idea, we won't be able to consider it as your property or as confidential information.

No. If you send us an unsolicited idea, suggestion, comments or proposal, Gigantic Listings won't pay you for it, even if we use a similar idea or approach.

Languages that are hateful, obscene, offensive, profane, racist, sexual, defamatory, violent or discriminating, including on the grounds of race, ethnicity, color, religion, disability, national origin, sex, gender and gender identity or sexual orientation, cannot be used in profiles, user IDs, chat rooms, discussion boards, member communication, Gigantic Listings Claims, Gigantic Listings Stores, feedback, listings, product pages, collections, and any other areas of the site

Gigantic Listings prohibits illegal activities and listings that do not comply to regulations, as that may result in actions that range from administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering a seller’s rating, buying or selling restrictions, loss of buyer or seller protection, account suspension, application of fees, and recovery of expenses for policy monitoring and enforcement, for example. All fees paid or payable in relation to listings in which we take any action can’t be refunded or otherwise credited.